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Steel Viking Fitness is an all-new boot camp style workout that uses axes, shields, swords and anything else you might find a viking carrying to help you get fighting fit!

  • WORKOUT like a viking

    No surprises here, Vikings knew how to keep fit without cross-trainers or ‘hot-yoga’. We get outside and swing axes, lift logs and get jabby with spears. With a small armoury of steel weapons and dark age equipment the focus here is on full-body functional fitness (i.e. useful in every day life and across most sports) making it beneficial for all kinds of people – from busy mums to body builders!

  • BELONG like a viking

    Sessions don’t end on the proving ground, they end in the long house with a good ale in hand and a story to tell. Steel Viking Fitness will partner with spaces where we can cultivate a strong community spirit. There will be structure to this time where your Hersir (fitness coach) will lead a huddle in adopting a Viking mindset and on crushing life, but it will also be a chance to get to better know those around you and make connections with neighbours you never knew you had.

  • CONQUER like a viking

    Train like you're the hero of your own story and one day you will become that hero. With the combination of different elements to Steel Viking Fitness, we will instil in you the increased confidence that comes with being a part of a Viking warband. You will be able to pillage the week for all it’s worth, as you stand taller with a steely look in your eyes that says “I know what I want, and by Thor’s hammer, I’m going to get it.”

    Steel Viking is about more than fitness, this is about conquering life!

Steel VikinG MeMbership

Join a Warband! Steel Viking Fitness is run on a membership basis. You can join by heading to the locations page and selecting your local warband. Why did we decide to use membership? This option allows us at Steel Viking to operate smoothly and provide maximum benefit to those who want to get fit and be a part of something different!




This one is fairly simple, if you’ve paid for the session in advance you’re more likely to turn up. No excuses for ‘bad days’ or hungover mornings, Viking’s were renowned drinkers but they still showed up for battle!




If you’re not signed up for a decent amount of time, or don’t attend sessions, we can’t invest our energy and best effort into you and you won’t get the most out of it. Our Hersir's can't do their job and turn you sorry lot into fearsome Viking warriors with a revolving door of people!



Benefits & Discounts

As we build this crazy idea into a business, we want to reward my members with various benefits, special discounts and members only items. We can’t do that if from the outset we don’t build a membership. And trust me, there’s a lot more to come.


Send us a raven via the contact form to ask us anything you like!

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