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Dynamic Duo Back Together for the Viking Games!

Cameron and Stuart dynamic duo back together article

In the realm of entrepreneurial synergy, the formidable partnership of Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich has not only withstood the test of time but continues to thrive as they reignite old partnerships to bring The Viking Games to life. Their journey together is a testament to innovation, resilience, and a shared vision for making fitness an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich
Cam & Stu first met at Thales

The seeds of their partnership were sown as graduates at Thales, where they met as colleagues collaborating on a project. United by their shared approach to problem-solving and a penchant for thinking beyond conventional boundaries, it wasn't long before they recognized the potential of their combined skills and decided to venture into business together.

Their inaugural collaboration was the birth of Rogue Events, a pioneering venture known for its flagship event, Bothwell School of Witchcraft. Through innovative use of crowdfunding, they achieved early success, hitting their funding target within four minutes of going live and selling out within two hours. This triumph not only provided a stable platform for subsequent endeavors but also underscored the power of immersion in creating fun and engaging experiences.

Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich
Cam and Stu Running Immersive Experiences

The power of their combined skillset was recognised quickly and after three years of operation, Rogue Events was acquired by an international company, allowing Cameron and Stuart to take a successful exit and rethink where their true passions lie. The duo's expertise in creating immersive experiences not only honed their skills in events management but also instilled in them a profound understanding of the transformative power of immersion in fostering enjoyment.

Cameron took these valuable lessons to the next level when he founded Steel Viking Fitness. Frustrated with mundane bootcamps featuring uninspiring routines, he sought to inject a sense of adventure into workouts. Axes, swords, and shields became integral components of bootcamps that left participants invigorated and empowered, emphasizing the philosophy that fitness should be epic.

Logos of businesses Cameron and Stuart have worked for
The combined experience of Cameron and Stuart

Going his own way, Stuart focused on online fitness coaching, introducing Stoic philosophy into health and fitness through the Agoge Project where he has coached a number of clients using mindset and ancient wisdom to help them achieve their fitness and even professional goals.

Stuart Munnich competing at Hyrox
Stuart competing at Hyrox

Their distinct approaches to personal fitness also reflect a nuanced understanding of the importance of mindset. After lengthy periods of working non-stop a refocused Cameron was able to lose nearly 20kg of "entrepreneur gut" and channel his penchant for fitness into the weights room, which recently culminated in victory in a novice powerlifting competition. Whereas Stuart's inclination towards a hybrid style of training aligns with his participation in events like Hyrox and Spartan Race. Both share a philosophical perspective on fitness, recognizing that the mind plays a pivotal role in physical well-being.

To add another feather to their caps (or helmets), both Cameron and Stuart both have some military background. Cameron's journey as a cadet and reservist in the Officer Training Corps planted the seeds of his passion for fitness. Stuart, currently serving as a reservist in the RAF, brings his own service into the equation, further enhancing their combined skill set.

Their professional journey extends beyond their ventures together, encompassing successful start-ups, corporate roles, and leadership positions. Cameron's experience as an Engineer and Innovation Leader combines seamlessly with Stuart's expertise in business development and marketing. And, like any sensible person, they both love to take tough discussions out to the golf course!

Now reunited for The Viking Games, Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich combine their wealth of experiences to create what they hope is an unparalleled fitness experience. Their dedication to crafting challenges in the true spirit of Viking warriors promises a fitness adventure like no other. The Viking Games are not just a competition; they are a culmination of years of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what fitness can achieve. Get ready to witness the epic unfold!

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