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New Franchise! The Salisbury Saga Continues

Simon instructs using the Hammer in his first session as the new Franchise owner.
Simon instructs using the Hammer in his first session as the new Franchise owner.

Salisbury, get ready to embark on a new era of fitness greatness as Steel Viking Bootcamps proudly unveils its grand opening under the new ownership of the dedicated and passionate Simon Cowling. As the first franchised bootcamp in the Steel Viking Fitness family, this marks a significant milestone in our mission to redefine fitness with a Viking twist.

Simon Cowling, our fearless leader, brings a unique blend of experience to the helm. His background in care and grueling outdoor landscaping has sculpted him into a tenacious individual ready to take on the challenges of the fitness realm. Demonstrating unmatched dedication, Simon went the extra mile to qualify as a personal trainer specifically to lead the Salisbury franchise—a testament to his commitment to the Steel Viking ethos.

The grand opening unfolded amidst the brutal heat of a scorching June day, providing the perfect crucible for a workout that left attendees both old and new drenched in sweat. The relentless weather mirrored the indomitable spirit of the Steel Viking Bootcamps, where every session is a testament to resilience and strength.

Adding a touch of Viking tradition to the festivities, the former chieftain of Steel Viking Fitness, Cameron Readman, graced the grand opening. In a symbolic passing of the torch, Cameron presented Simon with his very own blowing horn—a powerful gesture marking the inauguration of the franchise under new leadership.

Salisbury Steel Viking Bootcamps is not just a fitness experience; it's a saga of transformation, camaraderie, and unwavering commitment. Under Simon Cowling's leadership, we invite you to join us on this epic journey, where every swing, lift, and roar echoes the warrior spirit of the Vikings. Embrace the challenge, be part of the legacy, and let the grand opening be the first chapter in your own Steel Viking saga. The battle has just begun!

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