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New Salisbury Bootcamp Franchise Owner Announced!

Simon with spear new Steel Viking Bootcamp Franchise Owner
Simon working out with the spear

Exciting News for the Steel Viking Clan: Welcoming Simon Cowling, the New Captain of the Ship!

In a thrilling transition for the Salisbury Bootcamp, Steel Viking Fitness proudly announces the torchbearer for the franchise's next chapter—Simon Cowling. Stepping into the formidable shoes of Cameron Readman, who steered the ship from October 2020 to November 2022, Simon is poised to lead the Warband to new heights.

Simon the new operator of Steel Viking Bootcamps Salisbury
Simon - The New Operator

Simon brings a wealth of experience to the helm, with a background in assisted care and a penchant for doing physcial work outdoors as a landscaper. Now, he's gearing up for a bold new chapter in his life, driven by a burning passion to help individuals achieve their fitness goals in the unique and epic way that defines Steel Viking Fitness.

Steel Viking's ethos revolves around functional fitness, controlled aggression, and cultivating a warrior's mindset—all inspired by the lessons from the Viking age. Simon resonates with this philosophy and is committed to ensuring that every workout under the Steel Viking banner is nothing short of epic.

While the launch date is still to be confirmed, Simon has some courses to conquer and set up before he unfurls the next banner of Steel Viking Fitness in Salisbury. The anticipation is palpable, and the Clan eagerly awaits the arrival of their new leader.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Simon Cowling as he embarks on this exciting journey. The legacy of Steel Viking Fitness continues, and under Simon's guidance, we anticipate even greater heights of fitness triumphs. Get ready, warriors, for a new chapter of epic workouts and a leader poised to make the fitness saga in Salisbury truly legendary!

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